Defined thematic areas of our organization

«The Ordinary General Assembly may create Sections, dedicated to defined thematic areas. The Sections, when they have a number of no less than fifty members, of which no less than twenty must be Active Members, will designate a representative who will be part of the Board of Directors with voice and vote, on equal terms with the elected members of the same. by the Ordinary General Assembly. Sections that do not meet this requirement may send a representative with voice but without vote before the Board of Directors.»

Art. 3 of the SAIB Statute

«The representatives of Sections will be renewed annually, and may be re-elected by their Section up to two times» (Art. 19)

Current sections of SAIB

Cellular Biology

Section Representative: Dr. Mauricio Martin
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

Expanded information on the Cellular Biology section


Section Representative: Dr. Ariel Quiroga
Universidad Nacional de Rosario

Expanded information on the Lipids section


Section Representative: Dra. Julieta Fernández
Universidad Nacional de La Plata

Expanded information on the Microbiology section


Section Representative: Dra. Georgina Fabro
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

Expanded information on the Plants section

Signal transduction

Section Representative: Dr. Andrés Dekanty
Universidad Nacional del Litoral

Expanded information on the Signal transduction section